Sunday, February 13, 2011

About Me

      My name is Kyle Williams and I am a senior theatre major with emphasis in directing and design. I chose this field of study because I  have always loved performance. Also I play in a band ( I have been in many different choral and jazz ensembles. I have traveled the world with my girlfriend from Alaska singing and performing at many different venues. I have just recently got involved with the UIL one act play and have done workshops to make money and help pay for college.
     Technology has changed the world for the better and worst. In my field it has done amazing things for lighting and sound. I'm very interested in knowing how all of this new technology will help help our youth learn. I think that using technology in every field of study is a bad idea because we become dependent on it. I hope that by taking this course I can understand how to teach and use technology to it's max. I plan on teaching college someday but before then i need a paycheck. I'm also interested in technology so i don't teach it wrong or use it in the wrong way.
      I hope by taking this class I can learn different ways and styles to use technology in the classroom. Classroom technology is constantly evolving and changing. Therefore it is important to stay up to date on the latest technological advances. Also I hope to learn how i can use technology to increase my students learning  ability and research habits. My goal is to equip them with tools to encourage their success.  

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